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Wawili Sound Solutions can supply an array of systems and services to industry standards from ADR, foley, Efx edit, post production, sound design, field sound, dialogue edit, field recordist, boom operating and all your location sound or post production requirements.

WSS is based in the Kimberley's Broome Western Australia. However we not only service the north west region but service Perth and all of Western Australia through to Darwin - Alice Springs, Northern Territory. WSS has also worked on many projects nationally.  Please contact us if you wish to find out more about our systems and services. Or would like to peruse our film rental equipment.



- Field -

  • Sound Devices Mixer's

  • Electrsonic Transmitter Receivers (BLK 21, 25)

  • Schoeps Mics

  • Sennheiser Mics

  • Shure Mics

  • Countryman Lapels

  • Dpa Lapels

  • K-Tek Boom Poles

  • Orca Mixer Bags

- Studio -

  • Purpose Built Concrete Studio

  • Protools 2018 HD Suite

  • Booth dialogue/Drum

  • Foley Room

  • Mixing Room

  • Arsenal Of Editing & Mixing Plugins

  • Plethora Of Virtual Instruments

  • Massive Sample Library

  • Source Connect

  • Entire Boom Collection

- Field -

  • Field Recordings

  • Location Sound

  • Boom Operating

  • Sound Supervisor

  • Dry and Wet Hire

  • Sound Reports

  • Meta Data

  • Data Wrangling

  • Sound Assistant

  • Live Sound

- Studio -

  • Tracking

  • Mixing

  • Editing

  • Master

  • Sound EFX Edit

  • Sound Design

  • Dry and Wet Hire

  • Dialogue Editing

  • Music/Sound Scape Composition

  • Foley

  • ADR

  • Track Lay

  • Efx Edit

"Sound is not simply just business, it's personal, it's Art, get in touch to find out how we can make your productions sound amazing"

"Hear no evil"

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